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By John Kilroy on September 28, 2012
I was going over my notes from my visits with racing companies in Indiana this summer, and was reminded of my visit with Joe and Brenda Gaerte, of Gaerte Engines...
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By John Kilroy on September 21, 2012
We applaud the Quarter Mile Foundation's "night to remember" in the tribute roast it organized for Linda Vaughn, a true icon in motorsports culture and a neighbor...
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By John Kilroy on September 7, 2012
As I flew back from the Knoxville Nationals, I was thinking about the role of ambition in racing. ‘Hope’ is a lovely word, but ambition is hope backed by hard work...
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By John Kilroy on September 5, 2012
It was fun to read a report the beginning of this month about hotel room nights that had already been reserved in Orlando, and see that the number was up by 1,000...
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