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By Dan Schechner on February 27, 2014
The event is aimed at providing young auto enthusiasts an opportunity to compete in a controlled environment, taking racing off the streets and onto the track...
By Dan Schechner on February 4, 2014
The fourth generation independent retailer and owner of Profits Plus in St. Petersburg, Florida, kicks off PRI's exclusive online-only business column package for 2014...
By Dan Schechner on January 14, 2014
Daniel Alvarez, a Late Model driver with Hammer Time Racing in Chappells, South Carolina, got more than he expected out of his $10 contribution...
By Dan Schechner on January 2, 2014
Motorsports journalist Dave Despain finds a new home at MAVTV; sprint car champion Steve Kinser preps for his final season as a full-time Outlaw...

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