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By Dan Schechner on August 12, 2019
We must continue working to get young people excited and passionate about motorsports—either as a pastime, a hobby, or, ideally, as a career...
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By Dan Schechner on July 5, 2019
As you may have noticed by the 1100-plus parts and service providers already plotted, this year’s PRI Trade Show is shaping up to be one spectacular event...
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By Dan Schechner on June 6, 2019
I invite you to register today to attend the Three Biggest Business Days in Racing, which take place December 12–14, 2019, in downtown Indianapolis...
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By Dan Schechner on May 1, 2019
In 2019, businesses simply cannot afford to ignore—or undervalue—the reach and influence of platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and others...
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