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The Speedmaster individual throttle body EFI system have all the flash of classic Weber induction but provide higher state of tune and engine performance versatility of EFI. It’s made to deliver crisp EFI performance with systems capable of supporting up to 1000 hp. Fuel and air is delivered through precision cast aluminum 50mm IDA style throttle bodies that allow for superior idle characteristics and astounding throttle response while improving emissions and economy through tight air/fuel ratio control.

- Speedmaster linkage set incorporates the throttle stops, idle controls, lever arms and joiner/balancer all in one. It also features a single screw adjustment for calibrating front to rear throttle shafts.

- The bell crank has a fully indexable eccentric cable pulley that enables good slow speed drivability and still attain full throttle geometry.

Speedmaster throttle bodies have the following feature:

- CNC machined, Heat treated 601 Cast aluminum.

- Butterflies are measured for each bore & precision machined to a closer tolerance.

- Butterflies are secured to centerless ground brass shafts with split screws to ensure reliability and service ability.

- All are fitted with bearings rather than bushings to eliminate axial shaft movement.

- Housing to shaft lip seals behind bearings for extra sealing under high vacuum.

- Idle by pass air bleed screws for super smooth idle and to aid emissions tuning.

- O-ring seals on lower mounting faces.

- Throttle Body Opening: 52mm each.


DEI’s CryO2 Intercooler Sprayer Kit harnesses the super cooling cryogenic properties of CryO2 to dramatically lower intake charge temperatures for more horsepower at lower long term cost than nitrous. Less expensive to purchase and refill than nitrous, this cost effective alternative for a boost in HP can be used for any vehicle including diesels that could use more power for the buck. A non-invasive system, it enhances the thermal transfer ability of the intercooler to lower air temperatures as much as 35 percent and as low as 50°F. For turbo or supercharged systems, the sprayer mounts directly to the front of the intercooler and vents CO2 directly onto the cooling fins. The system can be configured to be activated by either a full WOT micro-switch, or controlled manually with a momentary push button. The complete bolt-on kit now offers an optional CryO2 adjustable duration timer switch (Part # 080203) for automatic on/off pulsing and a water sprayer kit (Part # 080140) for even greater I/C efficiency.

CryO2 Intercooler Sprayer kit includes:
• 10 lb. tank and mounting brackets
• Cryogenic solenoid valve
• 14 ft. stainless steel braided supply line
• Full WOT and arming switches with momentary push button
• CO2 fittings and electrical hardware
• 16” x 5” front-mount intercooler sprayer and hardware
• Stainless steel zip ties

Bully Dog’s BDX autonomous tuning device is designed to deliver dyno-proven tune files that increase horsepower and torque, unlocking greater towing ability and off-road potential. BDX always downloads the latest files tailored for your vehicle. Over-the-air updates also means that custom tunes from your dealer arrive remotely–without wires. Monitor a wide range of critical engine and transmission parameters, and create custom gauge views. Datalog parameters and playback via PC to maximize potential of dealer custom tunes. It’s available for a variety of performance and diesel applications.

RC Components has created six styles of wheels within the Comp Series, which includes the Torx, Exile, Hammer, Fusion, Exile-S, and Hammer-S wheels. They are all available in polished, black, Eclipse (black surface with exposed raw aluminum accents), or Eclipse Prism (black surface with polished aluminum accents) finishes. RC’s Comp Series wheels are available in a wide variety of sizes, offsets, and mounting patterns to fit a vast amount of applications. The front wheels are available in both 15” and 17” diameters for applications that require additional clearance for braking or suspension components, or if you just prefer the 17” look on the front. The 15” wheels are 4” wide and are available with either 1.75” or 2.25” of backspacing. The 17” fronts are 4.5” wide and come with a 2.25” backspace. All Comp Series front wheels are forged and machined out of 6061-T6 billet aluminum and meet the strict SFI 15.2 certification. The Comp Series rears also have their own list of options. All of them are 15” in diameter, but they have widths from 8” to 16”. That wide range of widths calls for a wide range of backspacing options, from 3” to 8.5”. In addition to size and offset, the rears are available with single and double beadlocks, or no beadlock at all. Like the front wheels, the centers are forged and machined from 6061-T6 billet aluminum. RCC’s unique interlocking beadlock design prevents tire slippage even in the most extreme applications. The innovative construction of the center-to-outer mating surface reduces weight while placing less stress on the bolts, creating an overall stronger wheel than the competition. This helped to achieve SFI 15.1 certification for all Comp Series rear wheels. Both the front and rear wheels are available with 5 x 4.5”, 5 x 4.75”, and 5 x 5” bolt patterns.