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Woodward-Fab announces its new professional forming center (#WFEW-Center) complete with a 33” English wheel, foot-operated shrinker stretcher, shot bag stand and dedicated dolly station.




Designed specifically for high-performance street systems, bracket racing, marine and/or dirty racing environments using high octane gas, the new BDS Billet 1071 Supercharger is built to provide immediate power boost and sophisticated appearance. The blower features a fully polished Billet Case, Billet Rotors and Billet Plates. Additionally it is fit with upgraded, application specific gearing and standard or Helix rotors. A significant option is offered in the form of a Front Discharge/ Front Inlet configuration. These efficient Superchargers can be ordered anodized in black or grey, polished is standard, and while a few applications may require minor modification to the manifold, most BDS intake manifolds will accommodate the 1071. It’s capable of producing 15 pounds of boost and more on engines turning in excess of 7500 RPM.

This Top End Kit for 426-572 Chrysler HEMI Gen II engines includes an Edelbrock Dual-Quad intake manifold, Victor Jr. cylinder heads, Rollin' Thunder hydraulic roller camshaft, true roller timing chain, head bolts and gasket set. Like most Edelbrock Top End Kits, part #2052 Chrysler HEMI kit gives the consumer everything they need for a complete installation. Each Edelbrock Top End kit is based on the popular Total Power Package concept of combining dyno-matched components for proven results. Edelbrock Power Package Top End Kits feature the best combination of high-quality performance components all in one box.

Features & Benefits:
• Includes a Dual-Quad intake manifold (#7524), Victor Jr. cylinder heads (#61175), Rollin' Thunder hydraulic camshaft (#2212), timing chain (#7805), head bolts (#8513) and head gasket set (#7349)
• Rollin' Thunder camshaft (#2212) is designed for use with Chrysler 426-572 HEMI V8 engines
• This Top End Kit produced 705 HP and 623 ft-lbs. of torque on a 528 c.i.d. engine
• Made in the USA

Keystone Automotive offers SpeedFX’s new line of exhaust tips, designed to deliver a sharp appearance upgrade for any ride with high-quality T304 stainless steel construction. A variety of shapes, sizes and finishes are available. This product features no clamp, bolt-on capability for quick and easy installation. Applications are available in polished stainless steel or a temperature black painted finish and in a rolled, beveled or sharp edge. Warranties range from one year to limited lifetime depending upon the product finish. Applications include inlet diameter ranges from 2.5" to 5”, body diameter ranges from 3" to 8" and length from 7" to 18".